Social Media
Website vs Social media

Website vs Social media

We will first talk about social media, and this is the easiest and most widespread way to reach your customer who needs your product.

And here you will need to work on building the audience of your brand by presenting your product/service in the form of continuous content with designs that make your customer want to visit your page permanently, and this is of course necessary in the first place to be supported by sponsored ads and a correct marketing plan in order to succeed

Ok for the website?

The website is a bigger topic for people who make it the cornerstone for reaching the customer, either through ads on Google or SEO over a long period of time to top the search pages, and they also need a marketing plan to spread

Why is it a bigger topic??

Because unlike Facebook, which is trying to get to know people, your company is doing what

Google, people enter searching for your field, and this means that the customer here understands what he wants

So he will need a simple and easy-to-use website with a design that hurts the eye, and he can deliver it to whoever wants it and simply look for it (and this will be explained in detail in another post about the types of websites).

The loading of the site must be fast, not slow, because this affects the customer’s experience, especially if your site, people will visit it frequently.