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How to add payment to you website

How to add payment to you website

A lot of questions are asked from the owners of websites and applications, especially electronic stores, how do I get my customer to pay online, or what is required of me to make electronic payment possible on my site??
In order to make online payments, we must use an external service provider
There are two types of service providers for electronic payment
We will briefly discuss each method:
1 - Banks:
And here it is required that:
1- commercial register
2- A tax card
3- A commercial account in the name of the company in the same bank
And available to the customer
Payment by Visa and MasterCard
And the percentage of the bank will be according to the type of business and the volume of monthly transactions from (1% - to 3.5%) for each transaction that takes place.
In addition, some banks charge a monthly fee for the service

Advantages of linking with the bank directly
1- Immediate collection of payments: the money is entered into your account immediately after the transaction (according to the bank’s policy, it can be held for a period).
But the money is considered your entry to salvation
2- If the volume of the business is large, there will be negotiation, and the percentage will be lower than the intermediary companies
= The most famous Egyptian banks that support electronic payment
(Arab African Bank - National Bank - Banque Misr - CIB - QNB)
2 - intermediary companies
= Most of them require
1- commercial register
2- A tax card
It is not a requirement for a commercial account in the name of the company, and it can be transferred to any personal account
The percentage of companies ranges from (2.75% to 3%) on each transaction
And some companies will have a fixed amount of 1 - 3 pounds in addition to the commission
The money will be transferred to your bank account every week or two, according to the company’s policy

Advantages of linking with intermediary companies
1- Providing more than one payment method (Visa - Master - Instant - Aman - Masary - E-Wallets)
2- Ease of procedures and linkage, unlike banks, so the issue is a little complicated and takes time
3- Some payment companies provide the receipt of money without a website through a link that is sent to the customer and he enters the payment through it, and this will be very suitable for small companies that still do not have a full store
4- Some companies provide shipping services and receive money from the customer
5- Some companies provide a POS service and they provide VISA payment machines for the customer
6- Some companies provide installment payment services in cooperation with Valu or Qasatly

Disadvantages of linking with intermediary companies
1- Delay in collecting money from some companies
2- The high percentage compared to the bank in the case of large companies
the most famous intermediary companies
Egyptian companies (Fawry - Paymob - Vapulus - Cowpay ...)
Arab companies (paytabs - Payfort - HyperPay ...)
International companies (Paypal - 2Checkout - Stripe ...)

Don't forget a lot and make your idea a reality and enter the online market in the way that suits you👨‍💼😉