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How much your website costs ?

How much your website costs ?


This is the most common question anyone asks a service provider, even if the price is mentioned in the advertisement But the real question that should be asked is what is the value offered for this price? As a company or business owner, you need the website to be a reflection of your online company, add to your presence, and provide your current customers. The basis of your choice of the website must be based on its capabilities and provide for your needs or not.

There are different programming languages, and some of them are programmed and the sites are more expensive, and this is because it offers advantages over others, and this is the reason why the prices of the sites range from 2000 to 10000 pounds or more, and all of this depends on the required specifications
And no one can put a specific price on it, because each site is classified according to the customer’s needs, from an online store to an introductory site for a tourist site
Each site has its distinctive characteristics and possibilities that make its cost of it vary, and there is no fixed price specified for a type of site
Ok, the offers that we see and a site for 1000 and 2000?
These will be either ready-made WordPress templates or the price of an introductory site. Unfortunately, some people are deceived by the low prices and do not look at the value provided, meaning the price, and discover after a while that the site or application must be reworked due to the inability to develop and add to it.

Far from us as a service provider, there is such a thing that you must verify on the site that you will implement
1- It can be updated and added later.
2- It is equipped with an SSL certificate.
3- It can be linked later to an application.
4- The control panel is easy and you control the entire site.
5- The interface is easy to use for the consumer and is marketable so that you can reach more users.

We offer you in #BuiltOverTech various services, websites, and mobile applications, all in compliance with the conditions we talked about and more.
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