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Your personal e-mail and the company's e-mail any difference?

Your personal e-mail and the company's e-mail any difference?

What does Business E-mail mean and what is the difference between it and Personal E-mail?

First: Personal E-mail
And this is the same as Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail
It is used for personal purposes, dealing with friends and relatives, and registering on social networking sites

Second: Business E-mail
It is an e-mail paid with an annual or monthly subscription that helps link the name of your company, your activity, and your brand to the name of your page.
And your use of Business E-mail helps in drawing a positive mental image of your brand
Example: [email protected]
And the form of this email you will find is widely available in the work area and is more professional than a personal email.

So what are the benefits of business e-mail?
1- Building a brand
2- Credibility and trust
3- Expandability
4- It helps spread the name of the company
5- It can be used as an advertisement in email marketing campaigns

If you have any other inquiries regarding corporate emails, contact us and we will explain all the details to you and how you can start working with your company emails.


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